Friday, October 7, 2011

My Latest Work

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let me edit your pictures for FREE!

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Account project (Kerja Kursus Akaun)

As you all know, every form 4 has their own Course Work (Kerja Kursus). So mine is account. This project is really hard not just for me but even my friends to. I dont know anything about accounts because i dont understand what teacher is explaining about in the class, same goes to my classmate. So here's the story how a boy know's nothing about accounts finished his account project.

I started at doing my account project at 3rd October 2011. All my friends started earlier, there's only a few start last minute like me :D. So i started when blank mind thinking what to do :/ i stared at the paper and the paper stared at me back. LUCKILY a HEROIN helped me doing my accounts project. Want to know whose the HEROIN? well the HEROIN is my lovable,caring,cutest girlfriend Hafieza Shalieza. She keeps on supporting me to do the project. I start the project in school, she helped me ALOT. After school she said she wanted to come to my house to make sure i finish the account project. So she took a ride home with me. Finally we arrived at my home. So we start doing the account project. She always keep encouraging me to do the homework. I was so touched that time, i can see how much she loves me through her brown shiny eyes. I've made a great choice choosing her as my girlfriend, and i want her to be my future wife :'). Lets get back to the account project. Few hours passed i finished my project until Lejar. She said "its okay, you did a good job im proud of you. Tommorow we go the library okay?"  It's getting late she said she needs to go home. She called one of her friends to pick her up. After she went back to her house. I was tired and sleepy. So i slept a few hours.

The Next Day
I woke up with a smile on a face, because so excited to finish my account project today at the library. I took my breakfast that was made my CARING mom. So i wait and wait until its 11.30Am because we promised to go to the library at 11.30Am. I showered,put my account project in my bag and call my Uncle to send me to the library. Finally i arrived at the library and waiting for my girlfriend and her friends there. Few mins later they came. We went inside the library and start doing the project. My girlfriend said "today target until kunci kira kira okay?" i replied "okay dear" So i start doing my account project until a few hours later i finish until kunci kira kira. She said "we still have time go ahead finish it all" I was tired and stress that time so i scold her. I know i shouldnt do that to her because she help me alot. I regret scolding her i'm sorry dear :'(. We took a break eating at the cafe. Then we went back to the library. I listen to some music from my phone using my headphones of course. She said " do you want to hear the music or finish your account work?" I replied " I just listening to the music that's all" She turned back away from me. I was like awwman what did i just do? I take a nap for a while in the library. Then she took my paper and continue doing my work for me. I wanted to help but she refuse. Finally i finish my account work with the help of my girlfriend and her friend. I feel bad scolding her i wasnt suppose to do that to her :'(.



Monday, October 3, 2011

Goodluck PMR and and SPM candidates!

PMR is on 4/10/11 !! and SPM is just around the corner. So you candidates are ready to take the BIGGEST EXAM!? My big exam is next year which is SPM, but still its not a honeymoon year. For those who is gonna sit up for form4. Trust me form4 is not a honeymoon year because its like a new level of studying or what so ever. I'm taking account this year. Wanted to take graphic but it's a long story haha. I hate account actually but what to do right? to late to change class already. Okay that's it i guess. No idea what to write here :/. One last thing.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

My work 2/10/11

These are the picture that i took.

These is the edited picture

That's all of them. I'm gonna post more soon. Please comment it helps me to improve myself.
I'm using Nikon D90 and Photoshop cs3 just to let you know.


Hi, Welcome to my blog. I know its not much. But it is fine to me. So let me introduce you to my blog and myself.

I'm just a 16 year old boy, i like to take pictures and edit them to make it look nicer and I'm still learning about photography and editing. What am i gonna do is, I'm gonna post some of my work here.

I really need you guys to help me comment my pictures that i post. It help me improve my skills.